Northglenn Heating provided us with the best equipment and service, we could have received.
Very Satisfied Customer
Northglenn Heating & A/C fixed the problem after 2 other company's were unable to find problem.
Happy Customer
I found Northglenn Heating through a friend, and found them to be very honest and upfront with their pricing. I will continue to use their services.
Thankful for friends
This summer my 20 year old AC died in July. After getting it temporarily fixed, I decided to replace it. I got three quotes from three local dealers. Dealer 1 insisted I had to replace my 10 year old Lennox furnace as well as the AC. Their rep was pretty high pressure. The amount they quoted for the combined system was outrageous. The quote they gave on the spot was scribbled on a sheet of paper.
Dealer two had sold me the Lennox furnace 10 years ago. Since then the owners had sold out and the new owners were aggressively trying to expand the business. Their rep was pretty full of himself. Their quote on a Lennox AC was over $1000 higher than Northglenn's, not including rebates. The rep gave me a nice printed quote on the spot. He told me the system was not eligible for any Lennox or Xcel rebates, which turned out to be false.
The Northglenn Heating and AC rep impressed me right off. When I opened up my crawl space we saw a duct that had come loose. Northglenn's rep immediately jumped into the crawl space and fixed it. Then he proceeded to explain to me how he would provide a much improved AC system, which he would install with some help. As an engineer, I was impressed by his detailed knowledge of the Lennox product line. He did not give me an immediate quote. I had to wait a few days for him to do the quote right. When I got the quote it was lower than expected, and detailed the Xcel and Lennox rebates I was eligible for. My choice was a no-brainer.
The installation was smooth and efficient. The new system worked far better than the old. But that was not the end of it. Northglenn followed through on the rebates, doing most of the paper work for me. Even when I had trouble filing the Lennox rebate paperwork online, their office manager got it done for me.
I have never done business with more impressive firm. On a five star rating I'd give them six.